1st Annual Clan Gordon English Dinner

Back in the (blazing) saddle

I’m back after my Christmas/New Years hiatus/vacation from writing. During the past few weeks, I spent a lot of time with friends and family, celebrating the holidays with good food, drink, and fun, so the vacation was worth it. Did I end up with a lot of pictures and meals to talk about? Yes. Am I a little nervous to jump back in the saddle? Not particularly, but after all that time off, I hope I’ve got a steady set of hands on the keyboard…

I want to make it easy, so I’ll start with one of the better family dinners I’ve had in a while.

Twas the night a week before Christmas

For K and I Christmas proper is a pretty busy day. With multiple locations and multiple families, we roll from about 9am starting at her dad’s house, hit both of my parents’ houses in the middle, then end the day at our place with her mom and brothers for dinner. Christmas is a well-timed 14 hour affair. This makes for an intensely organized day or awesomeness.

About to get Anglicized

What is also awesome was that K’s dad recognized this and set up the 1st Annual Clan Gordon English Dinner for a week before the actual holiday. This would give us time to all share a meal together without having anything else on the schedule, and I will tell you that it is a luxury! He took inspiration from the 1991 cookbook, The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas, so we all went with the heavy silver candlestick and coat and tie theme. A serious meal for a good time.

It’s Prime Time

I’ve eaten plenty of meals in the Clan Gordon kitchen, and I’ll tell you this: W&L (my new shorthand for K’s dad and stepmother) can cook the copper off your pans. They don’t mess around, and they always leave me waiting for the next invitation. For the English dinner the two of the combined to pull off some awesome dishes. First up was the cornerstone of the meal, the roast beef.

Right out of the oven you can see the crispy, flavorful outside that paired perfectly with the medium rare meat on the inside. The herbs and seasoning on the outside gave a level of flavor to the meat that was just fantastic.

Next up was the Yorkshire Pudding, a traditional side on the other side of the Atlantic. I had no idea what a Yorkshire Pudding would be, but I assumed it would be mushy and dark. Little did I know that the English and the Germans were so in synch that the Yorkshire Pudding would be a gravy filled relative of a German pancake, which is what I have been cooking once or twice a week for the past few months. I’ll blog about that ASAP.

Here it is right out of the oven. Next step is to add brown gravy, and you are good to go. You heard me right, brown gravy. It suddenly hit me, this is the English version of biscuits and gravy! Mad respect to you, British Empire!

The rest of the meal included Nigella Lawson’s green beans, a red wine sauce for the meat, and homemade rolls.

The whole thing came together to be an awesome traditional style family meal, which is really all that you want around Christmas. After dinner, some drinks by the fire made for the perfect way to cap it off. Thanks to W&L for hosting.


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