Saturday is Awesome

This is going to be a short post. I know, I know, you must all be relieved! I had a good Saturday running around with K and an assorted group of friends. Here’s what happened.

1. K and I went to the Cooper-Young Community Farmer’s Market and stocked up on some fruit, breads, and some great chips and guac from Las Delicias (earlier blog). I’ll give a full report on the bounty once I get the pictures all together. Great, great trip to CY.

2. Post -market we were going to hit up Sweet Grass but we were up early and it didn’t open until 11. The best part about Cooper-Young is the options, so we went across the street to Au Fond. I got their omelet, which had tasso ham and chevre and was one of the best things I’ve gotten over there. I’d definitely recommend it.

3. My buddy’s wife had a good friend in town, and when they went out on the town to shop, we took the chance to sit in the nice cool air of the Paradiso for Salt. Angelina’s spy thriller was great fun and full of action and mystery, and it left us asking questions like, “what if Salt fought Jason Bourne? What if they had a kid????”

4. Slice of the insanely good Chunky Dunk cake from Muddy’s. Take the Prozac and add crumbled chocolate chip cookies to the mix. Thank me later

5. After chilling out on the couch after the movie and cake, the girls got ready and we all rallied at SPR Pacific Rim for some sushi. I got the special Crab Lovers Roll (pic), which was lump crab on the inside and soft-shell crab on top. It was worth changing up my usual order!

6. Lastly, we hit the Beauty Shop for some desserts and cocktails to close out the night. A couple more friends met us, and we had a pretty awesome time between the cake and milkshakes (get one with Nutella) and the mojitos and lemon drops.

Saturday’s All Right

I got out there and hit up the town for a fun weekend day. It involved a lot of hanging out indoors to beat the heat, but hey Memphis is hot! I hope you had a good weekend, and let me know what I need to get out and do next Saturday. See you there!


PS. In case you’ve missed the scoop on Salt.

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